Counselling Fees

My fees are calculated on a sliding scale which is based on a person’s annual income. I do this so as to enable people on limited incomes to have access to¬†counselling and psychotherapy. I thank you for your honesty in identifying which fee category is appropriate for you. If special circumstances make payment difficult for you please let me know and I will do my best to make a payment arrangement that works for you.¬†

Counsellig Fees Kate Hollingsworth

Kate is an AASW accredited Mental Health Social Worker. Under the Federal Government’s Better Access to Mental Health Scheme you may be eligible for up to 10 subsidised Medicare sessions through your GP. The current Medicare rebate is $77.10 per session.

Kate is also a registered PSS provider for the CESPHN area. Under this scheme you may be eligible for up to 12 counselling sessions with no cost to you. For further information on eligibility please click here

Annual Income Fee
<$30,000 $120 p/hr
>$30,000 $140 p/hr

Seeing Kate as a Client

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