Seeing Kate as a Client

Many people feel apprehensive at the thought of seeing a counsellor for the first time, which is completely understandable. To help demystify counselling I’ve created this page for you. I also offer a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone chat during which you can ask questions and decide if I am the right counsellor for you. You can also find more information on my FAQ’s page.


The first appointment

The first appointment is often a ‘meet-and-greet’ style of appointment. It can feel strange talking about your experiences with someone you’ve just met. Kate understands this and will follow your lead regarding what you feel comfortable talking about and how much you wish to disclose. The first session is an opportunity to discuss what has led to you seeking help and what you’re hoping to achieve from attending counselling. Kate will also ask some questions so as to gain an overview of your life in general.

Subsequent appointments

Subsequent appointments provide an opportunity to focus more deeply on the issues important to you and to process your experiences. Just like the initial appointment, Kate will be guided by you regarding what you feel comfortable talking about and how much you wish to disclose. Counselling can look very different depending on the person and the issues being focused on. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ description as to what will happen in a session. Kate’s therapeutic style will be informed by what resonates well and is meaningful for you.

Number of appointments

The number of and frequency of appointments needed is entirely dependent on the individual. Some people find they need only a few sessions, while others benefit from longer term work with a therapist. It often depends on why a person is attending counselling. This is something you can discuss with Kate as she will be able to provide some recommendations based on what is clinically indicated.

Counselling details
  • Counselling sessions are usually 1 hour in duration.
  • Sessions are conducted at Therapeutic Axis in Glebe
  • Therapeutic Axis is wheelchair accessible
  • Apart from a few legal exceptions counselling is completely confidential
  • Counselling fees are calculated depending on income
Cancellation Policy

Unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life which may result in you needing to cancel your appointment at short notice. However, in most cases, a minimum of 24-hour’s notice is required.

If you are unable to give the minimum 24-hours advance notice Kate will attempt to fill your time slot with somebody else. If she is able to do this you will not be charged for the missed appointment. If Kate is unable to fill your time slot, you will need to pay the full fee of the appointment.

If you fail to inform Kate that you will not be attending your appointment this will be considered to be a “no-show”. You will be charged for the missed appointment and will need to pay this before another appointment can be made.

Thank you for your understanding.

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